Hartville Hardware

Brand Awareness
Our product brands are extremely important to us, and we are looking to take the next step in properly communicating that to our guests. Please take a look at the Traeger brand page on the Hartville Hardware website (link below) and provide insight as to how you would improve the Traeger brand awareness on the site, keeping in mind key SEO principles and keyword placement. Please also use the Traeger site to pull content and ideas. The brand page does not have to include a complete product listing like it does today. Please think through how you think the page should be put together and provide feedback. You can also provide examples from other sites to show how you would improve our brand pages.

Hartville Hardware Experience
The Hartville Hardware in-store experience is what have made us the nation’s largest independent hardware stores, and a destination shopping experience for over 40 years! Our building center is one of the core area that differentiates us from other hardware stores. Please take some time to look at the existing Building Center page (link below) and develop your plan for how the Building Center content can be improved and enhanced to better replicate what the in-store experience is. Please remember to keep in mind SEO best practices and word placement techniques.

Product Content
Having strong content related to the product we sell is important. Although the majority of the work you will be asked to do will tie to enhancing brand awareness and the Hartville Hardware experience, you will also be asked to develop product content. Often times the only information you have to create this content from is what is on the packaging or on the manufacturers website. Please do a search for, “A-Maze-N Wood Pellets.” Focusing on the four wood pellet options we offer, please write product titles and product copy for each of the four items using the content already of the site and anything you can find from the manufacturers site. Please keep SEO best practices and word placement top of mind.