Spitfire [Davey Vega]

Spitfire [Davey Vega]

Being normal is highly overrated.
The keeper of the Panda is indy fed famous.
Competes in AIW and Beyond.
Did you see when he had a Street Fighter Vega mask on?

January 2006. GCW.
He began to train. Dingo gave him a boost.
Also, Mike Quack helped him learn the craft.
The art form of entertaining all the fans!

Gotta put on a good match, or the people won’t
want you back! At you they’ll laugh!
But if you kill it, they clap. Ask for you back.
‘For you know it, you’re holdin’ the strap. Look at that.

Also shown throws by Claudio
and Hero while at the dojo.
Did you know Davey loves gaming?
Did you know Vega plays Mega Drive?

I’ve talked to him about video games and wrestling.
Two of my favorite things.
While in the ring, Vega’s amazing.
July 10th, hear the fans sing happy birthday.

But, it’s work day. At Mt. Carmel,
he retained the Intense Championship.
Flip Kendrick challenged him for the belt,
but he didn’t win.

Yes, Flip Kendrick gave it a shot,
but he came up short when the two of them fought.
Flip n’ Davey had a great match, I thought.

Always outnumbered, never outgunned.
When he’s in the ring, you can tell he’s havin’ fun.
His emotions show with every Irish whip throw.
Yes, he held the Intense Division title.

His uniqueness can’t be overstated.
The importance of this fact cannot be overrated.
If you follow what excites you, just who you’ll
meet and the things you’ll do will be a treat.

Just take Davey for example.
What if he said wrestling’s a goal I cannot tackle?
If he would have put a limitation on his
imagination, he wouldn’t be a champion!

Yes, Davey said maybe I can be a
champ one day if I constantly train.
Dodgin’ the obstacles that would lead me astray.
Respond tactically. Put the negative away.

Absolution 10, when Whitmer attempted
to dethrone Vega, Chandler rented the
Masonic Art Center. What a setting!
Sat in a balcony. Easy to see.

Davey Vega. Raise the bar.
Makin’ it far as a wrestling star.
Beat Lyndon for a title win.
Battlin’ opponents in a multiman contest.

Oh yes, Vega and Fitchett,
NES-style shirt. It’s a purchase, for sure.
Connoisseur of iced tea. His work is spicy.
Might be in the top three on the indy scene.

Sixteen bit kid, grew up in the nineties.
Extreme distance traveled since he started training.

Playin’ Sonic. Davey Vega with a Sega Genesis.
Yes, this is one of his favorites!
Carnival Night Zone music.
He asked me to use it when I questioned what he wanted.

Choke ya out when you’re down, kick your face while you’re up.
He’s not a fan of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Super Yakuza maneuva;
leave you with a bruised eye, put his foot through ya.

Feuded with KC Karrington. Rachel Summerlyn.
Yes, indeed he calls his hometown Cleveland.
Aqua Teen Hunger force tattoo.
He’s makin’ the mat and you feel black and blue.

Made it through Lyndon at Absolution.
Back in the nineties, he was an eight bit kid.
Sixteen later on, when Genesis became the top.
He’s a ticking time bomb ready for the prime spot.

Absolution moment. Defeat the opponent.
Louis Lyndon and him took the show and stole it!
2014 Turner’s Hall.
Josh Prohibition also beat Matt Cross.

His uniqueness can’t be overstated.
Spitfire. Brainwave. Nicknames of his.
Debuted in 2006.
Discus Lariat or a Super Kick.

Give ya Vegadeth. You’ll feel mega stressed.
He’s doin’ flips; givin’ no less than a hundred percent.
Will you give up? Are you already spent?
He’s a Bret Hart fan. Talent he understands.

Sixteen bit kid, grew up in the nineties.
Extreme distance traveled since he started training.


big bret hart fan
fought for the AAW Heritage Title
gives 100% every match
feds competed in: st louis anarchy AAW chicago AIW cleveland beyond ACW

texas metro pro kansas city

defeated lyndon at absolution for the intense championship
his absolution moment

at jlit, took on sonjay
took on ty colts besides aiw
wrestled ethan page and josh alexander
drew corderio went to bat for him in aiw

when he comes
home to cleveland, all the
fans and friends see him

aiw fans love him

8-bit kid, he grew up in the 90’s. Would
you please sign these DVDs?
Saint Louis Anarchy. Metro Pro. Kansas City.

SuPER Yakuza Kick, eliminate the opponent.

Born in ’85. He’s a fun-loving guy. One
fifth of the submission squad…part-time. Fry-
lock on his arm. Master Shake is never far.

nicknames: brainwave, spitfire

Trained By: Dingo, Chikara Wrestle Factory

Pro Debut: December 7, 2006